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Top tips on how you can keep your nails strong and healthy

Our nails go through a lot of abuse on a daily basis - not only are they used for scratching, tapping and typing, but they are often bitten and chewed too. It's no wonder that after a while our nails begin to weaken and become more brittle and pale.

However, there are plenty of ways you can maintain happy and healthy nails. If you want to show off your beautiful nails all of the time, whether you're going to a party or you're just tapping away at Cheekybingo during your lunch break at work, then this blog post will show you a number of ways you can keep your hands and nails healthy and happy.

Stay hydrated

One of the easiest ways to maintain soft and silky skin is to regularly moisturize using a vitamin enriched cream. This also helps to keep your nails healthy and flexible. When you're rubbing the cream in, make sure you remember to moisturize your cuticles; we recommend using a natural, organic cuticle oil every day.

Eat plenty of vitamins

Rather than popping pills, just ensure you get your five-a-day instead; many fruits and vegetables contain a number of vitamins and minerals which promotes healthy skin and nails.

Dry your hands well

When your nails are wet they become very bendy and weak, so remember to never file them when they are like this because it will cause a lot of damage. After you've washed your hands, make sure you dry them thoroughly to ensure your skin doesn't become dried and cracked. Try and moisturize after washing your hands to lock in additional moisture.

Use natural soaps

Some soaps are so full of chemicals and scents that they end up drying out our skin and nails. Instead, opt for a natural soap which is organic and free from harmful chemicals.





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